1957 to Present day.

Originally built in 1957 this rare AC Aceca (1 of 328) was the only one factory installed with a Triumph engine. AC at the time was looking to replace their original AC engine and installed this as a prototype. It was sold to Wing Commander G T Dale. After 14 years it was then purchased in 1971 by it’s second owner who has owned it to this day. It has gone through a full restoration thanks to CAR SOS and now is home to the British Motor Museum for the Car SOS Exhibition until Feb 2019. 

Triumph AC Aceca.jpg


AC Factory Registry

The first registration shows the hand written log while the second is in the published AC Six-Cylinder Sports Car Manual.

Date: July 2nd 1957
Car: AC Aceca
Color: Gunmetal with Red AC Leather
Stock#: TAE 618 (T representing Triumph) All other vehicles listed have AE
Dealer: K. N. Rudd Ltd Sussex
Buyer: Wing Cdr G T Dale

Triumph AC Aceca.jpg
Triumph AC Aceca.jpg

AC Six-Cylinder Sports Cars in Detail.

This magnificent book ‘AC Six-Cylinder Sports Cars In Detail 16/66, 16/70, /16/80, 16/90, Ace, Aceca, Greyhound 1933 – 1963’, by Rinsey Mills, can be considered to be the standard work about the AC six-cylinder cars. The book covers the history from the ‘humble beginnings’ in 1901 through the 1960s. Every six cylinder model is described and profiled in detail with many illustrations.